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Connectivity for Business

Modern Telecom offer a FREE survey of your current telephone costs.

Because we are totally independent of any network carriers or suppliers, we can offer cost comparisons across all providers - making sure you get the best deal.

We will then handle everything so you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Account Management - we will manage your account

  • Billing Analysis - we will provide a detailed breakdown of all calls

  • Bespoke Rates - we will put you on the most cost effective rates

  • Line Rental - we will provide all types of line, (ISDN, analogue, SIP) at low prices

  • New TelephoneLines 

  • Transfer your existing lines - we will transfer your line with no charge and no disruption.

If you want to lower your costs of calling, let us review your bill today, it will only take 20 minutes!

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Internet Connectivity for Business

Modern Telecom can help you choose the best internet connection for your business, tailored to your requirements, connections types include:

FTTC - Fibre to the cabinet (aka BT Infinity)

FTTP - Fibre into your premises (not a leased line, FTTP is contended)

Leased Lines  - a dedicated uncontended Fibre into the premises from 100mb to 1gb


Circuits tailored for Voice over IP - VoIP / SIP lines